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Aleppo Pepper
This Turkish crushed chili has an ancho-like flavor with a little
more heat and tartness. Put a jar right on the table and shake on
pizza, subs and salads. Aleppo Pepper is great on grilled meats like
chicken breast, steak, chops and our flavorful, easy Turkish
Kabobs. Aleppo Pepper also makes an attractive sprinkle for
potato, chicken and tuna salad and deviled eggs too. Try mixing
Aleppo Pepper with our Greek Seasoning for flavorful
roast chicken, tasty pork chops, and robust salads. Aleppo Pepper
is also known as halaby pepper. Processed with salt and sunflower oil.
41717 Aleppo Pepper 1 lb. bag
41788 Aleppo Pepper 8 oz. bag
41746 Aleppo Pepper 4 oz. bag
41759 Aleppo Pepper 1.9 oz. 1/2 cup jar
41733 Aleppo Pepper .8 oz. 1/4 cup jar