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Bay Leaves
Turkish Bay Leaves are the best in the world. Though not as strong as the California variety, they have a natural depth of flavor that the California Bay Leaves can't hope to match. Bay leaves grow wild on the hilly mountains of western Turkey in the area around Izmir (Smyrna). The wind there is perfect for growing bay leaves. Most of the year it comes out of the west across the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, picking up moisture and dropping it on the growing trees. At the end of the summer the wind changes direction and comes out of the south. Before it reaches the hills around Izmir it must pass over a couple of mountain ridges, making it hot and dry, perfect for quickly drying the leaves with a minimum of flavor loss. These winds at times create a high risk of forest fires, which in years past have led to a very small bay leaf harvest, but this year we seem to have a nice supply for the coming season. The flavor of Bay Leaves is perfect for adding to roast pork or chicken, pot roast, turkey, or ham, use 2-3 leaves and remove before serving. Bay Leaves are also perfect for spaghetti sauce and chicken soup, use 2 per quart. A surprising fact is that Bay Leaves improve the flavor of salt-free dishes with their rich flavor. Note: bay leaves are very light (8 ounces by weight equals one gallon by volume).
Whole Turkish Bay Leaves
30317 Bay Leaf Whole 1 lb. bag
30388 Bay Leaf Whole 8 oz. bag
30346 Bay Leaf Whole 4 oz. bag
30362 Bay Leaf Whole 1 oz. bag
30391 Bay Leaf Whole 1/2 oz. bag