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Hot Chili Powder salt free Hot
For people who really like hot food. Use the full amount called for (1-3 TB. per quart). If less is used, the chili will be hot but will lack the depth of flavor the ancho peppers provide. This is the best powder for those who like their chili hot and flavorful. Hand-mixed from: Ancho chili pepper, red pepper, cumin, crushed red pepper, garlic and Mexican oregano.
11318 Hot Chili Powder 1 lb. bag
11389 Hot Chili Powder 8 oz. bag
11347 Hot Chili Powder 4 oz. bag
11350 Hot Chili Powder 2.4 oz. 1/2 cup jar
11334 Hot Chili Powder 1.0 oz. 1/4 cup jar