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Chili Powder
There is a difference between chili pepper and chili powder. Chili pepper consists solely of chili pods which have been dried, then powdered. Chili powder is a blend, of which ground chili pepper is used as a base (usually 80% of total volume), with the addition of spices. All of our chili powders are salt-free. For chili, start with 1 TB. (some people will use as much as 3 TB.) per quart.
Regular Chili Powder   rich flavor, deep color and very little heat
Medium Hot Chili Powder   our most popular chili powder, good rich flavor that's not too hot
Hot Chili Powder   this is the best powder for those who like their chili hot and flavorful
Chili Con Carne Seasoning   spicy flavor, but no heat, a great way to give a chili flavor to other dishes