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Curry Powders

Cooking With Curry
Many people who eat curry for the first time in an Indian restaurant find it difficult to understand why curry is so popular. They are a bit overwhelmed by trying a dish that is new to them but spiced for a person who already knows and loves the flavor of Indian food. The key is to start at home by adding small amounts of curry powder to foods you already know and like. Sprinkle on chicken or chops before cooking, scramble a bit with eggs, sauté with vegetables. Soon the whole family will love the flavors, and you can move on to authentic, but not too spicy, dishes like Balti, Tandoori, Saté and Rogan Josh. Finding new, quick ways to prepare the same food for the family dinner isn't always easy, and Indian cooking is some of the most delicious in the world. Give it a try...
Not All Curries Are Hot!
Contrary to popular belief Indian food isn't all hot. The wonders of spicing are nowhere more apparent than in India, where stronger-flavored meats, such as lamb, are turned into the most delicious dishes imaginable through spicing and slow cooking. In the Far East, a hot sambal or chutney would always appear at the table, so individual portions could be heated up to the diner's liking. Tandoori, Maharajah and Sweet Curry are rich and flavorful without being hot. Hot Curry and Vindaloo are hot and spicy. Garam Masala, Rogan Josh, Saté and Balti are somewhere in between. Just starting out? Try Sweet Curry, Rogan Josh, Tandoori, Balti or Sate Seasoning.
Sate Seasoning   an Indonesian curry that makes a wondeful chicken or beef appetizer
Vindaloo Seasoning   a salt free curry powder for those who like it very hot and flavorful
Garam Masala   a salt free, all-pupose blend called for in may Indian dishes
Maharajah Style Curry Powder   a high quality, salt free curry powder that is sweet, but not hot
Sweet Curry Powder   a salt free, good starter curry powder with great flavor and little heat
Tandoori Seasoning   a salt free curry powder that is great on chicken
Balti Seasoning   a spicy, salt free curry powder from Pakistan that makes wonderful potatoes
Hot Curry Powder   same great, salt free flavor as the sweet, but with more hot red pepper and ginger
Rogan Josh Seasoning   a spicy, salt free curry powder that is well-suited for the flavor of lamb