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Dill Seed
Dill seed is very popular in Northern and Eastern European cooking. The predominant flavor in pickles, dill is also paired with fish in every fashion-from seafood boil to Scandinavian herring in cream sauce. From India. Dr. Semrau, a longtime customer from the well-known Semrau hotel in Upper Michigan, gave us his family's recipe for shrimp/crab/fish boil. Mix in equal parts, whole dill seed, whole caraway seed and coarse kosher salt. Add 1-2 TB. of this mix to 2 quarts water and simmer 20 minutes before adding seafood.
52812 Dill Seed 1 lb. bag
52883 Dill Seed 8 oz. bag
52841 Dill Seed 4 oz. bag
52854 Dill Seed 1.8 oz. 1/2 cup jar
52838 Dill Seed .8 oz. 1/4 cup jar