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Herbes de Provence
Herbes de Provence combines sweet French herbs and flowery lavender with Italian herbs and fennel, demonstrating the historical influence of the Romans. Excellent for roasting chicken or Cornish hens, beef or pork tenderloin, rub on ½-1 tsp. per lb. Hand-mixed from: rosemary, cracked fennel, thyme, savory, basil, tarragon, dill weed, Turkish oregano, lavender, chervil and marjoram.
13383 Herbes De Provence 8 oz. bag
13341 Herbes De Provence 4 oz. bag
13367 Herbes De Provence 1 oz. bag
13354 Herbes De Provence .8 oz. 1/2 cup jar
13338 Herbes De Provence .4 oz. 1/4 cup jar