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Penzeys Forward! - Salt Free
Introducing Penzeys Forward! Our most deliciously all-purpose blend yet. Like the seasoned-salts of old but with the salt left behind, Penzeys Forward! puts great taste into the palm of your hand to be sprinkled wherever there is a need for great flavor. Vegetables, meats, potatoes, pasta and rice–Forward! gets everything moving in the right direction. Quick, easy, simple, delicious and salt free. Now is the time to bring the spirit of Penzeys Forward! into your home. Your food, family and friends will all be happy you did.
Ingredients: special extra bold black pepper, onion, paprika, garlic, turmeric, spice extractives (including oleoresin of celery, rosemary, black pepper, thyme, basil, paprika).

15916 Penzeys Forward! 16 oz bag
15987 Penzeys Forward! 8 oz bag
15945 Penzeys Forward! 4 oz bag
15958 Penzeys Forward! 2.3 oz 1/2 cup jar
15932 Penzeys Forward! 0.9 oz 1/4 cup jar