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Berbere Seasoning - NEW
Awesomely hot and spicy North African-style hot
pepper blend. Also known as peri peri or bere bere.
No salt, no mild paprika, just a lot of Cayenne Red
Pepper with the rich flavors of fenugreek and
cardamom. It's not just hot, it's peri peri hot.
Hand-mixed from: cayenne red pepper, garlic, ginger,
fenugreek, cardamom, cumin, black pepper, allspice,
turmeric, cloves, Ceylon cinnamon and coriander.

12849 Berbere Seasoning 4 oz. bag
12852 Berbere Seasoning 2.1 oz 1/2 cup jar
12836 Berbere Seasoning .9 oz 1/4 cup jar