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Pizza Seasoning
This tasty Italian style mix is great for making homemade pizza sauce or pizza sausage, or for simply sprinkling on a frozen pizza before cooking to add extra flavor. Mix 1 TB. Pizza Seasoning in 1-2 Cups tomato sauce for homemade pizza, depending on how spicy you like it. For sausage, use about 1 TB. per pound of ground pork or beef. As great as it is to make pizza from scratch, most people use our pizza seasoning to give a boost to bland frozen pizza. Pizza Seasoning is also great for pizza bread: brush cut French bread lightly with seasoned tomato sauce, then sprinkle with grated cheese and broil. Use with beef or pork patties and top with tomato sauce and a slice of mozzarella for a kid-pleasing pizza burger. Hand-mixed from: salt, cracked and ground Indian fennel seed, Turkish oregano leaf and powder, sugar, garlic, Tellicherry black pepper, sweet California basil, white onion, crushed red pepper and cayenne red pepper powder.
23210 Pizza Seasoning 1 lb. bag
23281 Pizza Seasoning 8 oz. bag
23249 Pizza Seasoning 4 oz. bag
23252 Pizza Seasoning 2.5 oz. 1/2 cup jar
23236 Pizza Seasoning 1.2 oz. 1/4 cup jar