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Sanaam Chili Peppers
Traditional for Indian cooking. Thin, flat 3"-5" deep red pods. Not too hot to handle, these peppers can be chopped and added to curry or other dishes. From India.
To make chili vinegar, chop (or cut with scissors) 1 oz. peppers. Place in a 1 Cup glass jar, fill with your favorite vinegar, add a pinch of salt, then tightly cap. Let stand one week, strain and refrigerate in a bottle that has a splash top (old soy sauce bottles work well). Thin with more vinegar if desired. Use in place of hot sauce.
40,000 heat units
51310 Sanaam Chili Peppers 1 lb. bag
51381 Sanaam Chili Peppers 8 oz. bag
51349 Sanaam Chili Peppers 4 oz. bag
51365 Sanaam Chili Peppers 1 oz. bag