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Single Strength Vanilla
35% alcohol. Pure extract from the highest quality 100% premium Madagascar "Bourbon Islands" vanilla beans. These beans have a rich and complex, smooth, true flavor. The cool-perking process retains the bean's full flavor, along with all of the desirable vanilla side notes. With over 400 flavor components in every high-quality vanilla bean, artificial vanilla (which contains only one-synthetic vanillin) will never come close to matching the wonderful richness of pure vanilla extract. This extract is 10% stronger than the pure vanilla extract sold in supermarkets, and has the great Madagascar flavor.

92119 Single Strength Vanilla 16 fl. oz. Bottle
92180 Single Strength Vanilla 8 oz. Bottle
92151 Single Strength Vanilla 4 oz. Bottle
92135 Single Strength Vanilla 2 oz. Bottle