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Star Anise
Chinese star anise is one of the most beautiful and fragrant spices in the world. The perfect 8-12 pointed stars are the fruit of the native Chinese evergreens, boasting a much stronger, sweeter and denser licorice flavor than the more common Spanish anise seeds. Make sure to cut back by
½ - 2/3 if you are substituting star anise for seed anise, as it is more potent.
Whole Star Anise is often used in craftwork as it is so beautiful, on a plate as a garnish or floated in a pot of tea. Since the flavor of star anise is very strong, most star anise used in cooking is broken or powdered, as a whole star overpowers most dishes.
Broken Star Anise pieces are used in pickling (2- 3 points per quart), curry or stir fry (3-5 points per dish).
Powdered Star Anise is great for baking. Use 1/3 as much as recipes using anise seed call for. Powdered star anise is essential for Chinese 5 spice and many Asian recipes for duck and pork.

Select Whole Star Anise
58214 Star Anise Whole 1 lb. bag
58285 Star Anise Whole 8 oz. bag
58243 Star Anise Whole 4 oz. bag
58269 Star Anise Whole 1 oz. bulk bag

Broken Chinese Star Anise Pieces
58119 Star Anise Broken 1 lb. bag
58180 Star Anise Broken 8 oz. bag
58148 Star Anise Broken 4 oz. bag
58164 Star Anise Broken 1 oz. bulk bag

Powdered Chinese Star Anise

48116 Star Anise Powdered 1 lb. bag
48187 Star Anise Powdered 8 oz. bag
48145 Star Anise Powdered 4 oz. bag
48158 Star Anise Powdered 1.9 oz. 1/2 cup jar
48132 Star Anise Powdered .8 oz. 1/4 cup jar