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Tien Tsin Chili Peppers
Traditional for Asian cooking. Very hot, bright red, 1-2" Chinese pods. Add whole to soup, stir-fry and other dishes. Remove before serving.
To make chili oil: (commonly used in small amounts for stir-frying) Heat 2 TB. peanut or sesame oil. When very hot, add 10 peppers, fry until brown (3-5 minutes). Remove from heat, add ½ Cup peanut oil. Stir, pour into glass storage container, strain peppers out if desired. Serve table-side with a small spoon. Great mixed with soy sauce for a hot dipping sauce, use 1/3 Cup soy, 1 TB. chili oil, and a dash of ginger and garlic. Mix in 1-2 TB. in 1 Cup ketchup for BBQ sauce.
60,000 heat units
51815 Tien Tsin Chili Peppers 1 lb. bag
51886 Tien Tsin Chili Peppers 8 oz. bag
51844 Tien Tsin Chili Peppers 4 oz. bag
51860 Tien Tsin Chili Peppers 1 oz. bag