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Penzeys One Magazine
Penzeys One Magazine takes the next step

With all that is going on in the economy and in the world of publishing today, sadly I feel that the time is no longer right to continue to seek subscription fees from our readers. Instead of facing the costs of printing and mailing Penzeys One as a separate stand alone magazine, our plan moving forward is to bring the stories, recipes and spirit of Love to Cook, Cook to Love directly into our Penzeys catalog and website. All current subscribers will be receiving a refund on the remainder of their un-mailed issues.

I must say I am writing this letter with a bit of sadness. I really like this magazine. I am so proud of the work everyone here has done to make it a reality and I am indebted to all of you who helped to make it possible through your subscriptions. But as much as I like to hold it in my hand and thumb through its colorful pages, I know that the best thing about Penzeys One is the spirit of the people who care enough to cook that flows from its pages. It is their stories, and their recipes that bring joy to Penzeys One readers.

Now more than ever we need this spirit, and if by shedding the costs of printing and mailing we can bring this spirit to many more people I feel we have to give it a try. One day if we continue to grow the numbers of our stores there may come a time when it will make sense to print again as a traditional magazine, but for now look for the spirit of Penzeys One in the pages of our Penzeys Spices catalog starting this May, and on our website later this summer.

Thanks once again, Bill.