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A perfect summer meal-a filling main dish salad that's a snap to prepare.


  • 12 oz. package white pea beans


  • 2 6 oz. pieces tuna filet (salmon also works well)
  • 1 tsp. olive oil
  • 1/4 tsp. POWDERED GINGER
  • 1/4 tsp. SALT-we used KOSHER FLAKE SALT
  • 1 small jar high quality artichoke hearts (use your favorite ones), packed in oil or vinegar
  • 2 Cups romaine or leaf lettuce, washed and ripped into bite-sized pieces


  • 2 TB. water
  • 1/3 Cup olive oil
  • 3 TB. red wine vinegar

Summer is the perfect time to have some cooked beans in the fridge they can be used for many quick salads and soups. To prepare the beans, soak them in water overnight, and then place in a kettle with 2 quarts water and TURKISH BAY LEAVES. Bring to a simmer, cook about 2 hours, until the beans are tender but not mushy or jumping their skins. Rinse and refrigerate until ready to use. When making the finished recipe, take the beans out of the fridge long enough ahead of time that they come to room temperature. A 12 oz. bag of beans is more than twice what is needed for this recipe, then there will be extra for another soup or salad.

To prepare the salad wash the tuna and pat it dry. Brush with olive oil, season with GARLIC, GINGER and SALT. Grill the tuna over medium high heat until it is done to your desired taste (we cooked ours for 8 minutes total to achieve the lightly pink center), flipping twice to get nice grill marks. A grill pan or other heavy-duty pan on the stovetop works fine too. Remove the tuna, set aside to cool briefly. While the tuna is cooking, prepare the dressing. Cover the COUNTRY FRENCH VINAIGRETTE SEASONING with water, let stand two minutes, then whisk with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Drain artichokes, toss with a tablespoon or so of dressing. Toss beans (use 1/2 - 2/3 cup per serving) with 2 tablespoons or so of dressing. Layer two plates with lettuce, then top with beans and artichoke hearts. Cut the tuna into bite-sized pieces, arrange attractively on the plate, and drizzle with dressing. Serve extra dressing on the side to use as desired, and serve with crusty bread and white wine.

Prep. time: 10 minutes plus overnight soaking
Cooking time: 2 hours for beans, 8 minutes for tuna
Serves: 2

Bay Leaf Whole 1/2 oz. bag
Garlic Powder Granulated 2.9 oz. 1/2 cup jar
Powdered China #1 Ginger .9 oz. 1/4 cup jar
Kosher Style Flake Salt 1 lb. bag
Country French Vinaigrette 2.6 oz. 1/2 cup jar

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