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A Note From Pam Penzey

I grew up cooking with my Gram. She was working too hard when my Mom was growing up to be able to relax in the kitchen, but she sure could bang out great family dinners. By the time I came along, Gram and Gramps lived with us and had a lot more time to spend with the kids.

My time in the kitchen with Gram formed the basis of what I know about cooking and the way I cook today. She was Hungarian, so the good soups like goulash are second nature to me. She fed a growing family through the depression, so I know how to make delicious dinners from inexpensive cuts of meat—pretty good stuff for anyone to know. Gram never stopped trying new recipes, and even learned to lighten up her old favorites into healthy modern meals. I inherited her recipe box, and I hope I inherited her ability to make the time I spend in the kitchen with my kids as valuable as the time she spent with me.

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