Ethnic Milwaukee

Easy to use spice mixes based on the rich cultural heritage of Milwaukee. Old World Seasoning has long been our anchor blend - a rich red Central European mix of more than 20 spices for baked chicken, steak, burgers, meatloaf and fish. Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle is an Italian blend, combining Romano cheese, garlic, Sweet Basil and green peppercorn, flavorful and easy for sprinkling on freshly cooked pasta, garlic bread, vegetables, salads, chicken and even popcorn. Galena Street Rib Rub is a Southern style BBQ rub that is great for succulent pork ribs and grilled chicken, whether rubbed on dry or mixed with tomato sauce. Fox Point Seasoning is a lush blend of rich, sweet herbs with shallots, one of our best blends for fish, also great for poultry, vegetables, eggs, dip and dressing.


1/2 Cup jars -

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