Indian Curry (8 Jar)

This deluxe curry gift box offers 8 authentic blends for all styles of Indian cooking. The Sweet Curry Powder, Hot Curry Powder, and Maharajah Curry Powder (with saffron) are variations of the traditional Southern Indian spice blends popular in America, and are perfect for all types of meats, vegetables, and Westernized salad dressings and dips. Northern Indian cooking styles contribute to Tandoori Chicken Seasoning, great for classic red poultry; Rogan Josh, the famous lamb seasoning; and Balti Seasoning, the spicy blend that is enjoying increasing popularity throughout the world. Punjabi Style Garam Masala is the final ingredient in many Indian dishes. Vindaloo Seasoning is a spicy, hot Indian/Portuguese blend for pork, lamb, chicken or duck Vindaloo.


1/2 Cup jars -

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