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Attractive glass jars with black lids and two blank labels, perfect for storing spices. The A jar has a sifter fitment (shaker top), nice for blends and fine grind spices that are shaken onto foods before cooking. The 'B jar holds the same amount but has a wide mouth-easy to get your fingers or a measuring spoon into. The 'C, 'D, and 'E' jars hold 1, 2 and 4 Cups respectively, and are good for storing larger amounts, or spices such as bay leaves and cinnamon sticks, which don t always fit in a standard-size jar. The 'G jar also holds 1 cup, but comes with a sifter fitment (shaker top). The 'H' jar is the smallest of the lineup at 1/4 cup. It comes with a shaker top.

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