About Us

What if your business, just by being its best self, could make a whole lot of the problems the world faces a chunk easier to solve? Given that possibly wouldn’t you owe it to everyone to try your best to do that?

Customer B.B. writes: “Penzeys makes everything better.” We noticed that ourselves pretty early on, and at first didn’t quite know what to make of it. But for some time now, without coming right out and saying it, we’ve been running our business as best we can to encourage the kindness and compassion that’s needed to take on the world’s problems and the resolve needed to overcome the obstacles in the way to solving them.

Now, for a host of reasons, I think the time has come to admit what we are actually up to and come right out and say it. So here goes. We are trying to make the world a better place. And with your help there are days where we actually seem to be doing that. Our goal now is to have more of those days.

Part of all this works because as a Spice business we are a reminder that sometimes the community we are a part of is not just our own backyard. Sometimes our community really is the entire planet and everyone on it. Our Spices come from all across this planet, our Seasonings are inspired by all regions. We’ve traveled the world for you and can tell you its kindness and decency know no borders.

Part of all this works because as a Spice business what we do is so intertwined with history as to be almost inseparable. In a world of constant change and disconnect, the spices we use and how we use them really do open a door to those that came before us and the hard-won wisdom that they learned.

But maybe the greatest value of Penzeys isn’t in what we connect you to, but instead in what you connect us to. Through you we connect to humankind’s million-year tradition of caring enough to cook and all the good things those million years of cooking have set in motion.

Before cooking, strength was the power to drive others away. With cooking, strength became the power to welcome others in. Through cooking we learned the world becomes a better place when we care about others. That was true one million years ago. That will be true one million years from now. It is this strength to stand up for what is right and speak out against what isn’t that Penzeys seeks to grow.

Plus we have really good Spices and Seasonings.

Thank you for your kindness, and your compassion, and your strength. Please come help us grow,