Blending Operator

Love people, cooking, and making a difference? Come be a part of creating a more equitable world. Cooks care. Come help us grow the kindness and compassion of Cooks into an ongoing movement for positive change. Come work at Penzeys. You are needed here.
A Blending Operator is will be asked to help with the following  tasks and functions listed in all categories, and may be assigned additional unlisted tasks or duties by leadership. 

As a member of our Blending department tasks will include;

  • Loading blending machine with correct amounts of raw source product based upon expected total output quantity and blend percentage of each source product. 

  • Running blender to include proper blend consistency and distribution.

  • Unloading  blended product into appropriate bulk containers.

  • Reporting broken glass to Quality Control

  • Taking cardboard and/or wood from pallet and place them on proper stacking pallets and/or compactor.


Day to Day Tasks include:

  • Washing/cleaning machine equipment..

  • Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and use any other cleaning methods (degreaser, sanitizer, scrapers) as the finished product requires to clean and sanitize equipment and tables, with special attention to allergens.

  • Ensure all cleaning supplies, equipment, and tools are removed from the machine prior to its next use. 

  • Making sure all product meets Penzeys Quality Standards


Working Conditions and expectations:

  • Lift and carry up to 55 pounds

  • Following Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure a safe, healthy, and productive work environment, as well as delivering a high quality product.

  • Standing for extended periods, walking, and other body movements such as: climbing, bending, pushing, pulling, scooping, reaching, grasping, handling

  • Ability to move/roll and weigh a barrel of product

  • Fill boxes/barrels with finished product

  • Detect inappropriate product color/texture/quantity, extraneous material in product.

  • General and constant awareness of surroundings for safety - forklifts, carts, equipment, wet floors, plastic, straps, jar lids/sifters on floor.


  • First shift, Monday - Friday 6am-2pm 
  • Ability  to work overtime, as needed

If you...

  •  appreciate how cooking brings people together,
  •  enjoy an inclusive and caring work environment,
  • are self motivated and able to work independently,
  •  love building relationships, with people like you, but also completely different than you
  •  can be flexible and patient in a fast paced, hard-working environment,

we’d love to hear from you!

Full Time Benefits include: Health Insurance, 401k, Paid Time Off,  Employee Discount and more! Interested?
Please complete an application or contact Lexi with questions at 262-785-7697.

Join our energetic and growing company and help make a difference, all while working with others who
enjoy life--and work--as much as you do.


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