Bavarian Style Seasoning

Salt Free

Bavarian Style Seasoning

Salt Free

Growing up in the Penzey family, one of our favorite Sunday dinners was Gram's special recipe of veal, pork, potatoes, onions and carrots, all roasted to a golden brown in the same pan, seasoned with her simple, yet delicious blend of herbs and spices. We've also found this seasoning is wonderful for the grill-one of our quick favorites is to rub boneless pork chops or turkey cutlets with a bit of vegetable oil, then sprinkle with 1-2 tsp. Bavarian Seasoning per pound. Also great on turkey breast, rub on 1-2 tsp. per lb. For added zest, sprinkle with lemon juice or salt.

Hand-mixed from: crushed brown mustard, rosemary, garlic, thyme, bay leaf and sage.

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