Penzeys Revolution

Penzeys Revolution

You say you want inclusion—connection—kindness? Sounds like you want a Penzeys Revolution. As a nation we started imperfect, we move imperfect, we still are imperfect, yet look at all we set in motion. Awesome for anything that takes time to cook. Slow and tasty is who we are.

(Formerly Bicentennial Rub) The rich flavor and golden color make this our favorite blend for turkey, duck, goose and pork roast. Perfect for the grill, sprinkle heavily on rotisserie-style chicken or pork roast, also on thick-cut pork chops and beef short ribs. The larger chunks of spices in Penzeys Revolution also make it perfect for any large cut that takes an hour or longer to cook, and the beautiful golden color can't be beat. Try on roast leg of lamb, baked or roasted whole stuffed chicken, Yankee pot roast and thick-cut pork or veal chops.

Hand-mixed from: Flake salt, Tellicherry black pepper, cane sugar, turmeric, minced orange peel and coriander.

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