Penzeys American Heart and Soul Box

Penzeys American Heart and Soul Box

Penzeys American Heart and Soul Box

Soul: That of values and spirit which persists, abides, and continues to flavor after what is physical passes. That which transcends generations.


The Soul box is 8 blends, each chock-full of Soul. All these blends touch on what goes way back. All of them go deep. Some go back so far into our history that their flavors are inseparable from our nation's story. Others, more recently arrived, are testaments to the ever-renewing role immigration continues to play in seasoning the American spirit. Collectively they've brought flavor to trillions of moments where cooks have done their best to bring something truly good to those they've cooked for. Actual, honest-to-goodness Trillions. How cool is that?

Thanks for your help.

BOX CONTAINS: Adobo Seasoning, Penzeys Curry Powder, Florida Seasoned Pepper, Italian Herb Mix, Cajun Style Seasoning, Galena Street Rib and Chicken Rub, Ozark Seasoning, Penzeys Cinnamon and a Soul pin.

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