Salt & Pepper Time Gift Box

Salt & Pepper Time Gift Box

It's Salt & Pepper time. Time to stop being distracted by all of the obstruction and instead focus on what is actually on the table. And what should be on every table? Why, salt and pepper, of course. Salt and Pepper go together like Truth and Justice, and this box has 1/2-cup jars of the world's best ground pepper and our Penzeys Seasoned Salt, guaranteed to add tastiness wherever they're sprinkled. This box also has our Embrace Hope magnet, V for Victory pin, helpful tip/recipe cards, and three I Will Vote stickers. Please share the stickers with anyone you know that doesn't usually vote. Your encouragement means everything.

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BOX CONTAINS: 1/2 cup jars Penzeys Pepper and Penzeys Seasoned Salt, Embrace Hope Magnet, 3 I Will Vote Stickers, V-pin, recipe/tip cards.

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