Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar

Wash and cut fruit, leaving slightly damp, then toss with Vanilla Sugar (1-2 TB. per quart of strawberries, for example) and let stand for a few minutes, then serve plain or as a topper for cereal or ice cream. Vanilla Sugar is an old-fashioned mix of real Vanilla Beans aged in pure sugar, that was used in the old days before Vanilla Extract. We've been blending and using Vanilla Sugar in our coffee for a long time, and it tastes great. Vanilla Sugar can be used in baking and candy-making, and is particularly nice where the flavor of the vanilla bean should shine through, such as in ice-cream. Vanilla sugar is also the perfect sprinkle for coffee and hot chocolate.

Hand mixed from: Madagascar and Mexican Vanilla Beans chopped, mixed and aged with white sugar.

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