$50 Card of Hope

$50 Card of Hope

For years, quietly, when a customer lost their home through fire or other disaster, we helped replace their Spices, on us. We've found this means so much to Cooks. I've always pondered how we would handle doing this after a major disaster; I've never quite figured it out.

In the comments of a Facebook post we did shortly after Hurricane Harvey, thousands liked, and hundreds commented positively on the desire to simply flat-out purchase replacement Spices for those who lost their kitchens to the flooding of Harvey's 40+ inches of rain. Your kindness was the inspiration that set the Card of Hope in motion. 

From what we've learned with previous hurricanes, disasters have a way of leaving those of us riding them out confronted with a sense of being cut off from human kindness, of being cut off from anyone who cares about us. No matter how strong we are, this takes a real toll. In $50 worth of Spices there are hundreds and hundreds of shakes and measures. Through your gift, with each use and every meal made will come the reminder that someone out there cares, that you Care. Each of these cards holds a lot of healing..

If you know of someone who lost their kitchen to this year's hurricanes or fires, please direct them to this link to provide a few brief details of their loss. This is new territory to us and we imagine demand will be greater than what we will be able to give, so some form of selection process will still need to happen before the Hope Cards are shared. If you are looking to make sure Spices get to a specific Cook, our regular gift cards are still your best bet. —Thanks.

Please read before adding to your cart - your generous contribution of $25 will generate a $50 card that will be sent directly to where they are needed. Rest assured that your kindness will reach someone who has a real need for it.
Thanks for your help.

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