Whole Sarawak White Peppercorns

Whole Sarawak White Peppercorns

White Peppercorns are regarded by many parts of the world as the finest flavored, most preferred pepper. White peppercorns start out the same as black peppercorns, but then are allowed to ripen more fully on the vine, to produce a very large berry with a looser outer shell. This black outer shell is then removed in one of two traditional ways: the Muntok peppercorns are soaked in water until the black shell loosens, while the Sarawak peppercorns are held under a constantly flowing stream of spring water, yielding a whiter color, and an extra clean product. Both white peppercorns have the traditional rich, winey, somewhat hot flavor that is nice used in soup, on grilled meat or poultry, in light-colored dishes or mixed with black peppercorns for a broader range of flavor. Many Asian dishes rely heavily on the flavor of white pepper, and it is preferred for cooking the foods of Southeast Asia, and Southern and Eastern Europe.

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