Top 20 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup jars

Shop around and determine which 1/4 cup jar and which 1/2 cup jar you'd like for free. Once you've decided, enter the appropriate codes separately in the Apply Code field at Checkout. No need to add the item to the basket, the code does it automatically. To choose your free 3/4 cup bag, begin shopping here.

 Item Description 1/2 cup Code 1/4 cup Code
 Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle 20756A 20730C
 California Seasoned Pepper 10953A 10937C
 Chicago Steak 29959A 29933C
 Chipotle Pepper, Ground 41454A 41438C
 Cinnamon, Penzeys 43553A 43537C
 Cinnamon, Vietnamese 43258A 43232C
 Cinnamon, Ceylon 43458A 43432C
 Curry, Penzeys 12957A 12931C
 Fox Point Seasoning 21553A 21537C
 Garlic Powder Granulated 44455A 44439C
 Garlic Roasted Granulated 43953A 43937C
 Mitchell Street Steak 29854A 29838C
 Mural Of Flavor 14056A 14030C
 Northwoods Seasoning 22150A 22134C
 Paprika, Spanish Smoked 48053A 48037C
 Pepper, Penzeys 46154A 46138C
 Sandwich Sprinkle 27555A 27539C
 Shallot Pepper 22750A 22734C
 Sunny Paris 15453A 15437C
 Taco 23557A 23531C