Top 20 3/4 cup bags

Shop around and determine which 3/4 cup bag you'd like for free. Once you've decided, enter the appropriate code in the Apply Code field at Checkout. No need to add the item to your basket, the code does that automatically. To choose your free 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup jars, begin shopping here.

 Item Description Code
 Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle 20746B
 Chicago Steak Seasoning 29949B
 Chili Powder, Medium Hot 11245B
 Chili Powder, Regular 11140B
 Chipotle Pepper, Ground 41444B
 Cinnamon, Penzeys 43543B
 Cinnamon, Vietnamese 43248B
 Cinnamon, Ceylon 43448B
 Cumin, Ground 42746B
 Garlic Powder Granulated 44445B
 Garlic Roasted Granulated 43943B
 Ginger, Crystalized 58846B
 Mitchell Street Steak Seasoning 29844B
 Paprika, Spanish Smoked 48043B
 Penzeys Pepper, Ground 46141B
 Peppercorns, Special Extra Bold 56842B
 Peppercorns, Tellicherry Black 56042B
 Taco Seasoning 23547B
 Taco Seasoning, Bold 24344B
 Tuscan Sunset 16545B